Winter Wonderland

My Winter Wonderland

Snow, snow and more snow.  It doesn't seem to end.  And to think there's more to the south of us than north.  As of noon we have a foot of fresh snow.
I put that yardstick in this morning - the deck had been cleared from the last snowfall of 21".  It's measuring 12" now.

The kids are having their first official snow day instead of a delay or early dismissal, which means  a lot of, "I don't know what to do."  I'd let them out but I'd probably lose them in all the snow and my poor husband who has to work out there, he's a lineman for the power company, called to say it would be best to keep them inside - there's tree branches falling everywhere from the weight of the snow and ice.

So what do we do?

Well, I finished off the Valentine's Day Scrappy Wreath I had started with them!
I think it came out really cute.  And it used up a whole bag of those scraps!  Even better!  Check out my previous post to see how you can make one too.Pin It


Mika said...

You got more snow than we did, but I'm afraid to send my kids out in it too! The wreath turned out SUPER cute-too bad we don't have any wire hangers around here or they'd totally be making some! said...

ok - now I am going to have to try and make a St. Pattys day one since I missed V-day!!!! Love it!

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