What A Day!

7 Years Old!  My oldest is 7 today, time sure flies.  I don't know where it all went, it feels like it just whizzed by me.

I made and decorated a cake for him - egg/milk/nut free, because he's allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds, and we just found out my youngest is also allergic to peanuts and eggs!  But good thing for the internet, I found a recipe for chocolate cake to suit everybody.
He wanted an airplane nose art, like the ones on WWII planes.  His first choice was a Betty in a red bathing suit next to the American flag, my husband got him to change his mind and find something a little more suiting.  So he chose Thumper, though he's never seen Bambi.  And it turned out pretty cool and he loved it.

And yes, I spent one or two summers as a teenager working in a bakery.  Maybe I should take some Wilton Decorating classes.Pin It


Lynn said...

I worked at that same bakery & all I got out of it was a love for doughnut holes.

That's an awesome cake! You always were a good baker. I remember your cheesecakes when we were in Irvington.

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