It's Melting!

The snow is slowly melting, but it's definitely melting and spring seems not too far away.  But that also means I need to get some sewing done as I told my mother-in-law not to buy the kids their Easter outfits this year, I would sew them.  I actually got some really cute eyelet material last year and they've been waiting patiently on my shelves to be cut and sewn.  I haven't decided on what pattern to use yet.  My almost 6 year old is at the picky, almost teenager stage.  My 4 1/2 year old has to have purple in it.  And well, the 2 year old will wear whatever I tell her she has to wear.

But first this weekend has a few other priorities to take care of.

First off taxes, gotta get them done.  I finished the personal side, just need to do the business side.

Then the fun part - I'm testing a pattern out for a fellow twitter - SeeKatieSew.  It looks cool just from the quick glance of the directions and pictures she sent me.  I'll post pics once I'm done.Pin It


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