Valentine's Day Tutorial

So I forget how close Valentine's Day is to my birthday.  And I promised a tutorial for the holiday.  Well, we haven't finished the final product but hopefully you can see where we were headed.

Valentine's Day Fabric Scrap Wreath

This came about after seeing all the lovely stuff people were making from fabric scrap strips and the fact that our last store-bought Valentine's Day wreath kind of melted in the snow/rain weather.  So our door was bare and I'm almost done redoing my craft room/office and have tons of bags of fabric scrap strips, such as this:
I, like Mommy Dearest, cannot stand wire hangers, but we still have a couple thanks to the dry cleaners.  Reshape a wire hanger by pulling the middle bottom down to make it look like a diamond, and reshape the left and right points to curve into the heart bumps such as this:
Bend the hook of the hanger to form a hoop to put onto the wreath holder when you're done:
Get your fabric strips and choose your colors - we picked out the ones that had mostly pink, red and white - cut them down to about 5 inches long (they don't have to be the same width, but generally at least 1" or you'll need a lot of strips to fill the hanger).  And tie them right onto the hanger.  My 4 year old loved doing this, as she's been knotting whatever she could get her hands onto.  And after a bit, it should start to look like this:
Cool huh?

So we got sidelined with the massive 22 inches of snow that came our way and haven't completed the hanger.  But hopefully by my next post I'll have a pic ready for you.  If you make one, pass along a pic, I'd love to see!

Another idea, get some pipe cleaners and make the same shape for the little crafters.  It won't take as long.Pin It


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