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Perfect Bag #1

In my quest to find the perfect bag, my first adventure was Amy Butler's Kimberly Bag.

I love Amy Butler's designs, both fabrics and patterns and when I saw this pattern I definitely wanted to try it out.  And I just purchased some really cute fabric from Henry Glass - "Fandango" and as a coordinate, "South Hampton".

It's a cute design - not too low that my stuff would have to be dug deep inside the bag.  But what I wasn't prepared for was how long it was, about 19"!  I wasn't prepared for that.  It kind of feels like I should be carrying a half-rifle.

The pattern doesn't call for any pockets inside, but what woman does not need pockets????  So I added a couple.

I've been using it since I made it a few weeks back and I've had a number of positive comments.  I'm also getting used to the length.  I've managed to carry my wristlet wallet, my extra keys, my phone, and a few other essentials in it.  It's full so I can't put much more in it, but I like that.  No need for more stuffing.

So far, it's a keeper, but I think I'll continue looking for that Perfect Bag.

Next up, another Amy Butler bag.  This time it's coming from her new book, Style Stitches.

Hint, it's not the cover one but I'll write about it in my next blog!Pin It

Who doesn't love ice cream

So I thought summer was over since the weather turned colder last week and my kids start school TOMORROW!!  But today it's almost 90 degrees and hot!  So what to do?  Have ice cream of course!

  Breyers Sundae Scoop-Off Contest  
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I told my kids I used to work at an ice cream shop in college and of course we had to make a brownie ice cream sundae.  Yum!!  That certainly made them finish their dinner.

Disclosure: I am posting in the blogger promotion on behalf of Breyers and may receive product as a result of my post.Pin It

The Perfect Bag

So I'm on a quest, and I'm probably not the only one.  I'm looking for the Perfect Handbag, for me.  Good thing I sew and sell bags because this may be a long quest.  Nothing wrong with all the bags and bag patterns out there.  I just need one to fit me.

When I first started sewing bags for myself I started out with a simple tote style, with pockets all around.

I had a lot of requests for that style.  But for me it was too big - I had a tendency to overstuff it, and then when I made a quick turn in the car, it overturned with everything in it.  But it worked.

Then I was given the chance to test out a new pattern for Venezie Designs - the Chelsea Bag.
I LOVED my Chelsea Bag.  I was so excited with the one I made that I brought it into my daughter's preschool before I even had a chance to clip all the little threads out so I could show it off.  And in turn, got a number of orders for the bag and even my own modified diaper bag version.

But alas, a year later I need something else.  So now I'm on a quest for the next Perfect Bag.  I've picked out a few patterns I want to try:
Amy Butler's Kimberly Bag

Patty Young's Stella Bag

Amy Butler's Sweet Harmony Bag

a backpack

or a sling?

Wish me luck!

And if anybody has any recommendations, let me know!Pin It

They're not just bracelets

Just when I thought the sillybandz craze would be just that it comes up with even more stuff my kids would want.  And I'm thinking it may be a good vacation "treasure" as we road trip up the northeast.

Googly bands have come up with rings and necklaces too!  The rings are so cute, and my girls think so too.  It was announced on their blog.  And of course I had to see it.  What will they come up with next???Pin It

The Obsession Continues

Did you know that there's more brands out there other than the SillyBandz?  Well, there's also Googly Bands, which I find to be equal to the SillyBandz, but more affordable - I actually found a pack of 12 for a $1 at the Christmas Tree Shops!  Compare that to 24 bands for $5!

So I got this message today that Googly Bands is officially retiring all Series 2 bands.  And they're inviting everybody to join them in the Official Retirement Party on Thursday, July 15, at 2PM PST.  Rules will be posted at 2PM at Facebook.com/Googlybands.  They're giving out tons of prizes live during their hour-long party.  Will you be there?  I'm going to try!Pin It


I'm not much for allowing my kids to get into whatever fads are popular at the moment.  But this time I've mellowed and my kids are now part of the Silly Bandz craze.  You know, the shaped rubber bands that kids have lined up to their elbows, schools have banned (of course it's now summer vacation!), and kids love to trade.  The kids of course are not brand specific - they look for all kinds, glow-in-the dark, glitter, princess, baseball, whatever.

So yesterday, at the grocery store, of all places, I found the Phillies logo ones.

Pretty cool - my favorite is the Liberty Bell.  I like the fact that it's state specific.  So now, though I won't wear them except to take them off the floor and hold for a child, I'm obsessed with finding other state specific ones.  Not necessarily sports specific but something along the line of the Liberty Bell, something my kids can learn about.  Hey if, anyone can help me out, and keep in mind I have 4 kids who all collect them, even the 2 1/2, going on 12, collects them, leave me a comment!Pin It


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