And More Winners!!

Thank you to all who entered my Try It Tuesday Giveaway for the two fun games I reviewed from McNeil Designs for a Brighter Mind.

And the winners are...

For the You've been Sentenced! game

the winner is:

Emily said...

youve been sentenced !
emmy1981 at aol dot com

Congratulations Emily!  Please contact me with your information so I can pass it along to McNeil Designs for a Brighter Mind.

For the Twisted Fish game:
the winner is:

Margie said...

I'm interested in the game Twisted Fish. It's closer in age to my little one! Thanks.

tccsreading (at) yahoo (dot) com

Congratulations Margie!  Please contact me with your information so I can pass it along to McNeil Designs for a Brighter Mind.

Thank you again for all the entries!  This has been fun so watch out for May's Try It Tuesday feature.Pin It

We Have A Name and A Winner!!

Before I get started with the names of the winners for this fun giveaway, remember to enter my Try It Tuesday Giveaway for the fun games from McNeil Designs!!  The giveaway ends midnight, EST, on Monday, April 27 and winners announced on April 28.

Thank you to all the comments submitted for the name of my new bag.  There were over 20 suggestions to choose from!  But I could only pick one.  And the winning name for my new bag style is:


And the person who suggested this name was

Claude said...

I would say: cherish, squeeze, cuddle, embrace or nestle.
Beautiful bag, I love it!

Congratulations!  You won this bag

Please email me directly to claim your prize!

And now for the second Giveaway, a custom version of this bag - you get to choose the fabrics, I used to generate a winning number from the 41 comments I received and the winner is:

Comment #30 

msilba said...

I'm a new follower through google friend connect

Congratulations!  Please email me directly to claim your prize!

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Another new product

Before I talk about the new product, don't forget to enter my giveaways.  The Name the Bag Giveaway ends 4/26 and the Try It Tuesday Giveaway ends 4/27!!

I just finished a custom order this weekend that I really enjoyed and will start to make a few more to carry in my shop - a diaper bag set - includes a diaper bag and a changing pad organizer.

The Bag
The bag itself is an oversized version of the Chelsea Bag from Venezie Designs.  I tested the pattern for Karen and started carrying the bag in my shop.  It's been a big seller locally.  So when I got the custom request I suggested the Chelsea as the design, but larger, with even more pockets inside to hold all the stuff you need for a child or two.
It even has a pocket on the outside I can embroider a name or applique an initial onto.
Easy access into the bag to grab what you need yet it till holds everything in with a decorative drawstring closure.

The Organizer
This was a specific request from the customer.  Even pointed out the organizer she wanted.  Funny thing was that I had the very same organizer when I was changing a few diapers.  I only have one left and I'm getting her potty trained this summer!!

So I measured it, analyzed it and came up with my own similar version, with a couple of changes for convenience.  When you open it up it lays out as a large changing surface to put the baby on and a section with pockets for diapers or wipes and an elastic divider to hold tubes of diaper cream or powder or purell, whatever you need to change a baby.
The organizer folds in thirds
It has a velcro closure that can easily be opened when you may only have one hand available.  There's also a wrist strap with a snap ring to be able to hook it up to a stroller or a bag or wear as a wristlet.
It's machine washable but I recommend line drying because of the metal snap hook.

I wish I had the set when my kids were younger and I was at the stage of at least 3 kids in diapers!

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Try It Tuesday

I'm in a giveaway mood.  I think I'll have another one that I'm going to try every month - Try It Tuesday Giveaway.

For my very first Try It Tuesday I was lucky enough to be chosen through Biz2Blogger to test out a fun  award-winning word game called You've been Sentenced!  It's from McNeil Designs for Brighter Minds and can be played by 3-10 players ages 8 and up.

About You've been Sentenced!
You've been Sentenced! is an innovative language game which utilizes pentagon-shaped cards containing conjugations of funny words, famous names, and familiar places.  With a hand of 10 cards, players build sentences, challenging their ingenuity while trying to score the most points per round, constructing a grammatically correct and justifiable sentence.

So my kids aren't over the age of 7 yet but my oldest loves to read and I thought this would be a great learning game for him.  Here's what I got in the mail:

Not only did I get the game but I also received 5 add-on decks.

The cards are pentagon shaped and each side has a variation of a word - the original word, a plural version, a verb version, a past tense, whatever.  And each are associated with points.  My husband, my son and I played the game one night, not to its proper instructions, we wanted the 7 year old to get the idea of making sentences first before trying to defend them, and we all had a blast.  My son was in fits of giggles making up sentences with the cards he was given.  I've also found that I can take the add-on decks to my kids' sporting events and we can play while we hang out and wait for the duration of the game.

I highly recommend this game.  It's fun and educational!

But that's not all.  I also received another game from McNeil - Twisted Fish.

Twisted Fish is a similar game to Go Fish but has "13 unique, outrageously humorous fish characters in five different color suits that you must ask for specifically.  In addition there's 8 unique Zinger Wild Cards that all have a different wild function and makes the game FUN to the very last card every game!"

Twisted Fish is for ages 6 and up, but I've played it with my 6, 4 1/2, and 2 1/2 year olds, and can be played with 3-6 players.

Another fun game!  I've taken this to events and played it there too.  Great entertainment that keeps the kids occupied instead of the handheld ds systems everybody seems to have.  So if your kids like Go Fish, they'll love Twisted Fish!

Here's the giveaway:

McNeil Designs has been kind enough to provide the same You've been Sentenced! game along with the 5 add-on cards for one of my lucky readers!  They are also providing a Twisted Fish game for another lucky person.  So I'm giving two games away!

Here's how to enter - leave a comment for each to up your chances!
1- Leave a comment telling me which game you'd like to win
2 - Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect
3 - Follow me on Facebook!  Beautiful Blooms Fan Page
4 - Follow me on Twitter! mom2etck

And don't worry if you're already following, just leave a comment that you do.

Contest is open until midnight April 27 and winners will be announced on April 28!Pin It

Name the Bag

I just made this really cute bag.  I've been dying to make a slouchy bottom bag, something with more shape than the bags I already make.  I finally did, first as a wristlet.

And here's the inside:
My camera phobic daughter subsequently decided to make it her bag.  But luckily I made two!

Now I need a name.  I was thinking along the name "Charmed" or even "Hugs" since I already have a KISS bag, but not sure.

So, as my tweeter friends have done, I'm going to have a Name the Bag Giveaway.  You name it and you can have the bag.  Just leave a comment.

And for kicks, I'll make this a double giveaway.  Second giveaway - win a custom bag like this, but you get to choose the fabrics!!

All you have to do is, comment for each of these:
1 - Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or let me know if you already follow
2 - Become a fan on my facebook fanpage:  Beautiful Blooms Fan Site
3 - Follow me on Twitter: MOM2ETCK
4 - Retweet this and let others know!

Contest will be open until midnight EST April 26 and I'll announce the winners on April 27!Pin It

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Have you seen my Bare Necessities Mini Keychain Wallets that I make and sell in my shop?

It's cute, holds the minimum you need going out - a card, maybe some cash - and acts as a keychain.  Really the Bare Necessities.

Well this weekend I was making a new wallet, one I'm going to call Everything But The Kitchen Sink.
Why?  Well let's just say my son looked at it and asked me why it was such a big wallet, did the person have a lot of money?  I just smiled.

It looks normal at first from the front, but then you open it up and it explodes into this:

It has 8 card slots in the back section, a zippered compartment for coins and whatever else likes to fly around in a wallet, and 4 additional sections for whatever you'd like in there - money, coupons, receipts, again whatever.  It looks like an accordian on the side, and closed up it's already 2" thick.  It even has a detachable wrist strap.

Impressive wallet design I got from NapkittenPattern on etsy.  It was actually for a customer request.  I'm still debating on whether to make more to sell.  What do you think?Pin It

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I just joined the 5 Minutes for Mom 2010 Ultimate Blog Party!  It starts this Friday, April 9th, to celebrate the community of blogging.  With over a 100 donated prizes including a Gift Certificate from my shop  (it's listed as #85 in the US only category) and from several vendors I highly recommend checking out!!  I finally got through the list, WOW!  And my personal faves are:

US15 – Win a $25 e-gift certificate to the Disney Store.
Provided by: Kristin @ Couponing to Disney
Follow here: Couponin2Disney or Visit Our Fan Page: Couponing To Disney

US50 – Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Froggy Girl Designs!
Provided by: Froggy Girl Designs
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US83 – Disney Mickey 5-in-1 Tasty Baker by Pop Art. An all in one table top appliance that bakes pancakes, cakes, quickbreads, biscuits and donuts and more into 6 bite sized shapes (Mickey mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto) in about one-third the time. It can even cook eggs.
Provided by: Pop Art Toaster
Follow here: poparttoaster or Visit Our Fan Page: Pop Art Toaster

USC 11 – Win a $50 gift certificate good towards any purchase in my Etsy shop or my website.
Provided by: Priddy Creations Custom Designs
Follow here: Priddy Creationsor Visit Our Fan Page: Priddy Creations Custom Designs

USC 17 – With the upcoming release of their iphone app in the next few weeks, CmomGo is offering up a $200 Apple Gift certificate. For moms that do not currently have an AT&T contract and have wanted that Iphone this will cover the cost of a 16Gig 3GS iphone with the signup of a 2 year contract with AT&T. For our moms that already have an AT&T contract with a different phone this can be used towards the purchase of a new iphone or it can be used for anything else at the Apple store! Our friends from CmomGo sure hope you use it for an iphone though!
Provided by: CmomGo

NTL 11 – Custom Blogger Design- valued at $100
Provided by: Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates
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Come join the Ultimate Blog Party, it's open to bloggers and non-bloggers!  Let me know with a comment that you've joined so I can stop by your blog during the party!  Follow it on Twitter (follow me too!) under the hashtag #ubp10.Pin It

My Beautiful Blooms

So why did I come up with this name for a business?  It sounds more like a florist than a shop for handmade goods.  Funny thing is there's a flower shop with the same name located in Philadelphia too.

Well, partly because I wanted to have a name that was early in the alphabets for faster searches.  Then I came up with flower names for each of my creations - check out the categories in my shop.

But as time flew and my creations evolved, I began to see that my Beautiful Blooms were the inspiration for my creations - my kids.

My pretty little maids all in a row

I made all three girls a new dress with eyelet material in their favorite colors and Patty Young's Frida dress pattern.

And my little soldier

He didn't get a new outfit for Easter, but he did ask for a camouflage basket and I made one out of Sew Sensible's Boutique Easter Basket pattern.Pin It

Happy Anniversary!

Today's our wedding anniversary.  8 years ago and 4 kids later.

Even back then I was being extremely frugal and crafty - $99 wedding dress, $6 clearance wedding shoes, chose tulips for flowers as they were in season, church decorated already for Easter, made the flower girl baskets, pew decor, ring bearer pillow, placecards (butterflies shaped cardstock on crepe paper flowers my bridesmaid and I made), etched all the centerpiece vases with a claddagh design and our names and dates.  But we splurged on the honeymoon - in Venice.  Ah, Venice!

Here's to looking forward to the next 8 years and beyond.Pin It

Happy Easter!

I did it.  I finally made my girls' Easter dresses this year.  I had it planned with eyelet material I purchased the year before.  I just couldn't figure out what pattern to use.  Until I made Theresa's dress using Patty Young's Frida dress.  It was so easy to follow and had a few variations to the pattern I could follow to make these Easter dresses.  It may have taken me a total of 24 hours total to make three dresses and they came out so beautifully.

Kathleen's dress:
Clare's dress:
and Theresa's dress:
I can't wait to get the girls' picture in the dresses.Pin It

Little Remedies Contest

I just entered an interesting contest, please vote for me!

Vote For Beautiful Blooms DesignsPin It


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