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I just finished a custom order this weekend that I really enjoyed and will start to make a few more to carry in my shop - a diaper bag set - includes a diaper bag and a changing pad organizer.

The Bag
The bag itself is an oversized version of the Chelsea Bag from Venezie Designs.  I tested the pattern for Karen and started carrying the bag in my shop.  It's been a big seller locally.  So when I got the custom request I suggested the Chelsea as the design, but larger, with even more pockets inside to hold all the stuff you need for a child or two.
It even has a pocket on the outside I can embroider a name or applique an initial onto.
Easy access into the bag to grab what you need yet it till holds everything in with a decorative drawstring closure.

The Organizer
This was a specific request from the customer.  Even pointed out the organizer she wanted.  Funny thing was that I had the very same organizer when I was changing a few diapers.  I only have one left and I'm getting her potty trained this summer!!

So I measured it, analyzed it and came up with my own similar version, with a couple of changes for convenience.  When you open it up it lays out as a large changing surface to put the baby on and a section with pockets for diapers or wipes and an elastic divider to hold tubes of diaper cream or powder or purell, whatever you need to change a baby.
The organizer folds in thirds
It has a velcro closure that can easily be opened when you may only have one hand available.  There's also a wrist strap with a snap ring to be able to hook it up to a stroller or a bag or wear as a wristlet.
It's machine washable but I recommend line drying because of the metal snap hook.

I wish I had the set when my kids were younger and I was at the stage of at least 3 kids in diapers!

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Tonia said...

That's adorable! If I had a baby small enough to still need a big diaper bag I would totally get that one!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love this bag and the combo of fabrics, you did a great job. I just posted a redone canvas tote in my etsy shop, nothing near as complex as your wonderful bag. And the organizer is genius!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

This is adorable! Cute but functional - I like! :)

Stopping by from the Everything Etsy I Made It party...

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