My Beautiful Blooms

So why did I come up with this name for a business?  It sounds more like a florist than a shop for handmade goods.  Funny thing is there's a flower shop with the same name located in Philadelphia too.

Well, partly because I wanted to have a name that was early in the alphabets for faster searches.  Then I came up with flower names for each of my creations - check out the categories in my shop.

But as time flew and my creations evolved, I began to see that my Beautiful Blooms were the inspiration for my creations - my kids.

My pretty little maids all in a row

I made all three girls a new dress with eyelet material in their favorite colors and Patty Young's Frida dress pattern.

And my little soldier

He didn't get a new outfit for Easter, but he did ask for a camouflage basket and I made one out of Sew Sensible's Boutique Easter Basket pattern.Pin It


Jingle said...

Those dresses are fabulous and how great that your son got JUST the basket he wanted!

Catherine said...

Oh man, my son would love a camouflage bag! Everything looks wonderful.

Atasha said...

Gorgeous girls in their lovely dresses. And how cool is that camouflage basket? Goes great with his hat.

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