Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Have you seen my Bare Necessities Mini Keychain Wallets that I make and sell in my shop?

It's cute, holds the minimum you need going out - a card, maybe some cash - and acts as a keychain.  Really the Bare Necessities.

Well this weekend I was making a new wallet, one I'm going to call Everything But The Kitchen Sink.
Why?  Well let's just say my son looked at it and asked me why it was such a big wallet, did the person have a lot of money?  I just smiled.

It looks normal at first from the front, but then you open it up and it explodes into this:

It has 8 card slots in the back section, a zippered compartment for coins and whatever else likes to fly around in a wallet, and 4 additional sections for whatever you'd like in there - money, coupons, receipts, again whatever.  It looks like an accordian on the side, and closed up it's already 2" thick.  It even has a detachable wrist strap.

Impressive wallet design I got from NapkittenPattern on etsy.  It was actually for a customer request.  I'm still debating on whether to make more to sell.  What do you think?Pin It


Shelley said...

They're awesome! Love the fabrics you used!! I'd try selling a few...might end up being a big seller for you. I had a request for money/cash organizers from a user of Dave Ramsey's system, but haven't gotten any made :) I'd definitely use him as a tag.

Great job!

Jennifer Haas said...

Visiting from SITS. Love those bags by the way!

Jingle said...

I love these! So beautifully made!

Annabelle said...

Very pretty - love the yellow and brown combo!

Froggy said...

I'm so loving the bare necessities wallet/key chain. Half the time all I have is my CC, license and keys. This would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

they are perfect-- cute + functional!

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