I'm in love with Patty Young

OK Patty, nothing weird here but I'm so smitten by your fabrics and patterns I had to say it.  Looking forward to your twitter response, LOL!!

This weekend I finally got enough nerve to cut into Patty Young's Flora & Fauna fabric.  I hate cutting into fabric I love but this time I needed to do it.  I wanted to make Theresa a dress.  She's my oldest daughter and I'm at the point where I don't have tons of clothes in her size stashed away.  Plus, I plan on making her and her sister's Easter dresses so I needed to practice.

So I decided on Patty Young's Frida dress pattern.  Why?  Well, one of my favorite online shops, Above All Fabric sells the patterns and fabrics as a kit.  And I bought a bunch so I could try it out.  I also thought the Frida style would be cute as an Easter dress using the eyelet fabric I've been holding onto for this project.

So this past weekend I started it and in less than 24 hours I had a gorgeous dress that I, my husband and Theresa especially loved!


It was so easy, very well written and the fabric choices from Above All Fabric was perfect.  And I have to say, that kit was overly generous.  I ordered a size 6 but I got more fabric than I needed (as Melanie told me, it's to make sure there's enough if I wanted to make the style that calls for the most fabric and use it also for the lining) that I could probably use the rest for another size 2/3 dress (my 2 year old would love that!) or make a matching American Doll outfit - hehe, yes I have that pattern too.

Here's Theresa with the dress, did I mention before that she doesn't like having her picture taken?
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fabricfamilyfun said...

Love it!!!! Just love love love it :-)

Jennifer said...

I was gushing again and again about how much fabric came with my kits to my husband. lol

I feel your pain about cutting into fabric you love. Ugh I hate it! So I chant to myself "It's only fabric, It's only fabric!"

Your dress turned out so cute. =) I've just finished putting the pockets on my 3somes. Going kind of slow because I'm doing only a little each night when the kids are finally in bed.

Maries Cottage said...

This is really super sweet!

PaperFlora2 said...

Soooo cute...
please checkout my blog too


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