Irish Luck

I'm not Irish, just married into it.  But the week of St. Patrick's Day I won 2 online giveaways - Wow!  Not just one but 2 all in the same week.  So I blame it on Irish luck!

The first was Where Women Create's Fabulous Friday Giveaway featuring Bari J's new fabric line and patterns.  I was just eyeing her patterns and fabric recently.  So I entered the giveaway, and I get an email to contact them - I won!!  Here's what I got:

All 4 of her new patterns, 2 pieces of her fabric, and a personal Congratulatory note - Love it!  I love the handwritten note - it's like a fabricaholic getting an autograph from a celebrity.  No I'm not going to be a stalker, but I do follow her on Twitter!  So now I have to finish the girls' Easter dresses and a couple of custom orders and I can get started with trying out her patterns!

And that same week, The Fat Quarter Shop, another of my favorite places to shop - check out their clubs - had a giveaway for Joel Dewberry's newest line - Modern Meadow.  I saw a preview a while back and loved the Cool Stream colorway.  So when this contest came about all I had to do was comment on my favorite colorway, easy enough, and I was entered.  Well, I saw the followup blog and my name was next to the Cool Stream, another Wow!  I won a fat quarter of each fabric in the Cool Stream colorway.
There's so much in there I don't know where to start!  I can make a couple of purses, maybe a cute strip skirt, maybe a quilt, haven't decided yet.  But it's mine, all mine!

So I have to thank my husband for the Irish luck.  I did play the lottery hoping for third time's the charm sort of thing but didn't win.  Oh well, these 2 wins were like winning the lottery for me.Pin It


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