Custom Fabric Labels

So most people don't know I make labels - custom fabric labels you can sew into or iron onto products like clothing, accessories, toys, etc.

They can be personal

or they can be for businesses.

Why don't they know?  Because I don't have it listed as an item for sale in my etsy shop.  Instead, I bid on requests through their "alchemy"/custom/request section.  It's where I've gotten most of my business.  And lately I've gotten repeat business, which is wonderful!

All the labels are directly printed on cotton fabric.  They all start out white and I can print pretty much all kinds of colors.  This one was particularly colorful:
They're also colorfast, washable and fray-resistant (meaning someone could probably still make them fray if that was their goal to do so).

Take a look at my sample pics on my facebook fanpage and if you're interested in having one made for yourself or your business, contact me.Pin It


spinalfusion said...

these are beautiful! can you list them on your etsy or give me some idea on the price?
love them, love them!
marsha spaniel

Jingle said...

These are really fantastic!

Regina said...

What a unique idea...LOVE it!!!


Atasha said...

I agree you should list them. I order mine all the way from france and they aren't this pretty. Love the ones in that last photo

Karen said...

I love the look of them. I have been trying to find some I like for the stuff I make. Do you do custom graphics? If so, email me at fabgrandma @ gmail dot com so we can talk! I found you thru Everything Etsy I Made It.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I really might want some of these labels. I don't know what I would use them for, so I guess I need to know that first! Ha!

They're really cute!

Thanks for joining us for the party!


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