The Perfect Bag

So I'm on a quest, and I'm probably not the only one.  I'm looking for the Perfect Handbag, for me.  Good thing I sew and sell bags because this may be a long quest.  Nothing wrong with all the bags and bag patterns out there.  I just need one to fit me.

When I first started sewing bags for myself I started out with a simple tote style, with pockets all around.

I had a lot of requests for that style.  But for me it was too big - I had a tendency to overstuff it, and then when I made a quick turn in the car, it overturned with everything in it.  But it worked.

Then I was given the chance to test out a new pattern for Venezie Designs - the Chelsea Bag.
I LOVED my Chelsea Bag.  I was so excited with the one I made that I brought it into my daughter's preschool before I even had a chance to clip all the little threads out so I could show it off.  And in turn, got a number of orders for the bag and even my own modified diaper bag version.

But alas, a year later I need something else.  So now I'm on a quest for the next Perfect Bag.  I've picked out a few patterns I want to try:
Amy Butler's Kimberly Bag

Patty Young's Stella Bag

Amy Butler's Sweet Harmony Bag

a backpack

or a sling?

Wish me luck!

And if anybody has any recommendations, let me know!Pin It


trish said...

I think you should try the Kimberly bag because if you do and sell them...I may buy one! So cute! Try that one!! Or a Two Peas know, whatever! :>)

Maria McGill said...

LOL, I did make the Kimberly bag! That'll be featured in my next blog. I've already used it and had a lot of positive comments. I did find a few other patterns I want to try too.

Ladies bags said...

wow that black and white really liked it..!!!!!

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