Perfect Bag #1

In my quest to find the perfect bag, my first adventure was Amy Butler's Kimberly Bag.

I love Amy Butler's designs, both fabrics and patterns and when I saw this pattern I definitely wanted to try it out.  And I just purchased some really cute fabric from Henry Glass - "Fandango" and as a coordinate, "South Hampton".

It's a cute design - not too low that my stuff would have to be dug deep inside the bag.  But what I wasn't prepared for was how long it was, about 19"!  I wasn't prepared for that.  It kind of feels like I should be carrying a half-rifle.

The pattern doesn't call for any pockets inside, but what woman does not need pockets????  So I added a couple.

I've been using it since I made it a few weeks back and I've had a number of positive comments.  I'm also getting used to the length.  I've managed to carry my wristlet wallet, my extra keys, my phone, and a few other essentials in it.  It's full so I can't put much more in it, but I like that.  No need for more stuffing.

So far, it's a keeper, but I think I'll continue looking for that Perfect Bag.

Next up, another Amy Butler bag.  This time it's coming from her new book, Style Stitches.

Hint, it's not the cover one but I'll write about it in my next blog!Pin It


emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

I love the Amy Butler far I have made the Frenchy Shoulder Bag and I just finished my first Birdie Sling! I really like them both! Can't wait to see which one you try next!

Birdie Sling
Frenchy Shoulder Bag

Our Banana Moments said...

Hi, I am following from Bloggy Moms.


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh those bags are so cute!!

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