I'm not much for allowing my kids to get into whatever fads are popular at the moment.  But this time I've mellowed and my kids are now part of the Silly Bandz craze.  You know, the shaped rubber bands that kids have lined up to their elbows, schools have banned (of course it's now summer vacation!), and kids love to trade.  The kids of course are not brand specific - they look for all kinds, glow-in-the dark, glitter, princess, baseball, whatever.

So yesterday, at the grocery store, of all places, I found the Phillies logo ones.

Pretty cool - my favorite is the Liberty Bell.  I like the fact that it's state specific.  So now, though I won't wear them except to take them off the floor and hold for a child, I'm obsessed with finding other state specific ones.  Not necessarily sports specific but something along the line of the Liberty Bell, something my kids can learn about.  Hey if, anyone can help me out, and keep in mind I have 4 kids who all collect them, even the 2 1/2, going on 12, collects them, leave me a comment!Pin It


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